Car accidents

Matters relating to the garden variety automobile case, premises liability, landlord/tenant liability, wrongful deaths, negligent supervision, nursing homes are routinely litigated by the firm. We pride ourselves in defending complex cases involving Title 59, Employer’s liability, Public Officials liability, CEPA and LAD litigation, construction litigation, architects and engineers malpractice and products liability.

Notwithstanding the trial judge’s ruling that evidence of prior violent crimes committed in the restaurant were admissible, the case settled for $7000.

Employee v. employer liability

Employees suing their employers for more than worker’s compensation benefits is on the rise in New Jersey. The common law trend is to permit this type of litigation where the employer’s conduct is so egregious that there is a virtual certainty that an injury will result from that conduct.

In a case that made national headlines, Mr. Welt defended a water utility which employed a high level chemist who was murdered in its plant by a co-employee. The case settled only for an accelerated payment of worker’s compensation benefits.

Slip and Fall

Allegedly defective scaffolding, power saws, snowblowers and furnaces are all cases which the firm has defended.

Recent successes include the payment of property damage only when an exploding boiler destroyed a house, forcing its occupant to evacuate the burning premises, sustaining a heart attack in the process. After discovery, plaintiff’s counsel voluntarily dismissed the personal injury portion of the case.

In a products case involving the destruction of a roof shingles plant, the insurance company felt more comfortable with having our firm defend the litigation in North Carolina where the incident occurred in lieu of relating local counsel in that state.